HEIF 实用工具 - 在 Windows 上查看/转换 Apple HEIF 图片
HEIF Utility - View/Convert Apple HEIF images on Windows

你有更好的选择 / You have a better choice

尽管“HEIF 实用工具”在过去几年间得到了用户的青睐,一些媒体甚至称赞其是最好最快的 HEIF 转换器,并且竟然是免费无广告的。 但我们已经注意到,随着操作系统供应商逐渐提供了更好的对于 HEIF 图像的第一方支持,我们的程序已经不再配得上这些赞誉,它已经不再是最优和最快的方案。

因此,我们不再推荐您使用 HEIF 实用工具,我们建议您使用如下解决方案:
在 Windows 10 上安装由 Microsoft 推出的“HEIF 图像拓展”,这样您就可以使用系统自带的 “照片”app 打开 HEIF 图像;
在 macOS 10.13 High Sierra 或更高版本中,您可以使用系统自带的 Preview 程序打开 HEIF 图像;
在 Andriod P 或更高版本中,系统各组件和接口业已原生支持 HEIF 图像格式;

感谢您在过去几年中对 HEIF 实用工具 的支持,如果您仍然需要 HEIF 实用工具,您还是可以像往常一样在下面找到下载链接。

Although "HEIF Utility" has been favored by users in the past few years, some media even praised it as THE BEST AND FASTEST HEIF converter. But we have noticed that as operating system vendors gradually provide better first-party support for HEIF images, our program is no longer worthy of these praises, it is no longer the best and fastest HEIF program.

Thus, we no longer recommend you to use the HEIF Utility. Instead, we recommend that you use the following solutions:
Install the "HEIF Image Extension" developed by Microsoft on Windows 10, so that you can use the system built-in Photo app to open HEIF images;
In macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later, you can use the built-in Preview app to open HEIF images;
In Andriod P or higher, the system components and APIs already natively support the HEIF image format;

In addition, we especially remind you that when using image conversion sites on the Internet, please be careful not to upload photos that may compromise your privacy.
Thank you for your support and feedback of HEIF Utility over the past years. If you still need the HEIF Utility, you can find the download link below as usual.

功能 / Features

1.查看由 Apple 设备生成的 HEIF 图片* / View Apple devices-generated HEIF images*

  -在文件资源管理器显示 HEIF 图片略缩图 / Display HEIF images's thumbnail in File Explorer

2.查看图片 EXIF 信息 / View image EXIF

  -文件属性 / File Info
  -镜头信息 / Lens Info
  -定位信息 / GPS Info

3.将 Apple HEIF 图片转换为 JPEG 图片 / Convert Apple HEIF images to JPEG images

  -自定输出质量 / Custom output quality
  -包含 EXIF 元数据 / Includes EXIF metadata
  -包含色彩配置文件 / Includes Color Profile

4.批量转换 / Batch Conversion

  -实时进度显示 / Real-time progress display
  -自动启用多线程转换** / Use MultiThreading automatically**

*: 支持的 iOS 相机模式:照片、正方形、全景 / Supported iOS camera modes: Photo, Square, Panorama
**: 在某些入门级处理器上,批量转换可能使用单线程 / On some entry-level processors, Batch Conversion may be single-threaded.

广受欢迎 / Popular

在发布后的15天内,HEIF 实用工具下载量已超过2000次。我们还得到了来自中国大陆、台湾、日本、俄罗斯、印度、越南等多个国家/地区的用户的高度评价。

Within 15 days of the release, HEIF Utility has been downloaded more than 2000 times.We also received high evaluations from users in China Mainland, Taiwan, Japan, Russia, India, Vietnam and many other countries/region.

不含广告 / AD-Free

​HEIF 实用工具没有包含任何类似或等同于:广告推广、静默联网更新的功能。

HEIF Utility does not contain any feature that are similar or equivalent to: ad promotion, auto updates.

开放源代码 / Open Source

我们以 “GPLv3 许可证” 和 “liuziangexit 附加许可协议 2017” 公开 HEIF 实用工具 的所有代码。

We publicize all source code of HEIF Utility with "MIT License" and "liuziangexit Additional License 2017".

在 GitHub 查看 / View in Github GPLv3 LICENSE liuziangexit Additional License 2017

下载 / Download

最新版本:Final Release

下载 Download(English Version)

人员 / People

开发团队 / Dev Team


技术支持团队 / Tech Team


测试团队 / Test Team


提供支持 / Powered by

FFmpeg Team - FFmpeg
liuziangexit - liuzianglib
mayanklahiri - easyexif
Microsoft - Dot NET
MulticoreWare Inc. - libx265
NokiaTechnologies - HEIF
OpenCV Team - OpenCV